Contracting service

have plans and ready to build?we prepare detailed,itemized bids,help you to compare apples-to-apples,and value engineer if need be.we understand the value of design and bring this to every construction project.
we don't cut corners,provide transparent pricing and ensure that your job is built on time and on budget


we don’t believe in one furniture fits all
We couldn’t believe how challenging it was to find a high-quality furniture that’s
customizable to fit your style and space. 
So we created a better way to shop for one.

Our customizable furniture experience puts you in the designer’s seat—not the other way around. And now, we’ve expanded our approach to tables, rugs, and lighting

Fine Finishing works

to complete the creative image that we create in “Jedar”, we offer you the quality of interior and exterior finishes of the same high quality and creativity in proportion to the customer’s needs and the basic factors, the spaces, and the general structure of the unit.
Jidar provides services specialized in all kinds of foundation works and all the decorations, such as the bedroom decor, the children's room decorations, the reception, and the office.
and all finishing items (floors - paint - ceilings...etc) in addition to decoration works (wood - glass - marble...etc).

Exterior and Interior Design

Designs have always been the way we express the identity of our customers with all its contradictions and differences from each other.
For our deep belief that the core of the interior design is always centered around people and how they live in their way
It is not just about keeping up with fashion or what is new, as it is a personal expression of various tastes so it's not superficial or easy

Architecture Art

We unremittingly track the latest international design technology and uphold the design concept of the perfect integration of creativity and technology, and pursue innovative design of experience and integration.